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Installing a van vent: it's a breeze

Sitting in a van isn't very comfortable without a free flow of air to help cool down. The best solution to keeping a vehicle ventilated and cool is to install van ventilation and in some cases it is a legal requirement (when carrying animals or gasses). Van ventilation will also help to prevent condensation and damp.

We know ventilation is important and so is the look of the van. Our vents for vans are designed to integrate seamlessly with the appearance of your van and are fully customisable. Our vents can be spray painted to match the colour of your van.

The basics

Installing a van roof vent is not difficult. The basic steps are cutting the hole in the van roof (smooth and then rust proof the edges), and then install the vent (seal all edges with a PU sealant to prevent water ingress). If it's a motorised vent you'll also need to run wiring to power the vent. To match your vehicle's colour it is possible to spray paint vents prior to install.

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Here's one of our customer's installation experiences...

Drill hole in roof for vent  


All van vents require a hole to be cut in the roof. This allows the internal and external components of the vent slot together and, of course, the air to flow when needed.

Cut out a hole in roof  


This customer has primed the hole before installing his new van vent. 

Rubber grommet for vent electrical cable  


In this instance the customer has used a small grommet to protect the motorised vent's wiring. 

Spray paint van vent primer  


We know the appearance of your van is important which is why our vents are fully customisable. This customer has decided to spray paint his vent to match the colour of his van. 

Van vent interior  


We provide a range of inner valve options. This customer has opted for the white inner valve, perfect for his needs. 

Low profile van vent  


Here you can see the finished result. The vent integrates seamlessly with the look of the van and provides a comfortable internal environment. 

Van vent dash switch  


Finally, the customer has installed the 3-way switch to the dashboard. Use this to switch between extract, intake and off. 

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