Add An Audi Bluetooth Adapter To Your Vehicle

One simple adapter added to your vehicle can transform the way you enjoy each and every journey. If you’ve got an Audi of any ilk, our team at In Car Connections can make sure you utilise the flexibility of Bluetooth.

We can provide you with a Audi Bluetooth adapter that will allow you to stream from your devices with ease. The great thing about our range of Bluetooth adapters at In Car Connections is that we have products for almost any car make that you may have. Whether you’ve got a Ford, Vauxhall, Peugeot or Renault vehicle, we’ve got everything you need to make it Bluetooth adaptable.

But, why choose a Bluetooth adapter? What benefits will you get from it?

As soon as you switch on your engine, your Bluetooth device – be it an iPhone, Android or any other smartphone or tablet – will link up to your car. From that point you can select a new playlist from Spotify, go through your phone’s catalogue of songs or play podcasts and audiobooks that intrigue you. You’ll also be able to take calls using your car radio’s familiar interface.

To discover how our Audi Bluetooth adapter can transform your home, make sure you speak to our team today