Invest In A Top-Quality 24v Radio

The longest of journeys begin with a single turn of your key. The engine fires up. The anticipation grows. The music gets turned on. At In Car Connections we are able to help caravan, lorry, bus, coach and HGV drivers to secure a radio system for their vehicle. We have a range of 24v radios which come from the leading brands in the business and will offer you a number of benefits.

We have products from both Bosch and Blaupunkt which can simply and easily upgrade and innovate the audio you can produce in your vehicle. Whether you are a coach driver and want to provide your customers with some light entertainment or you are a lorry driver that wants to stave off boredom on those long journeys, our range of 24v radios are ideal.

Which 24v radio should I choose for my vehicle?

Packed full of useful features you can gain a number of benefits depending on which product you choose and what your budget is. For the elite combination of DAB radio and Bluetooth technology, the Blaupunkt Dubai 24v radio could be perfect. The addition of a CD player could also help to sway your decision.

We also can help you with advice on which radio system is better for your specific needs. To discover how our team at In Car Connections can help you, get in contact with us today.