Choose The Perfect RV Roof Vents This Summer

With the hot weather, comes even hotter cars. This problem is made worse in a van or camper during the summer. To stop the effects of heat in your van, it pays to choose the right RV roof vents to keep you and your family cool. At In Car Connections, we supply a wide range of roof vents to help circulate the air.

When you’re in transit, you are moving through a lot of air. To best utilise this, you can add a wind driven roof vent to get the cooler air moving in your vehicle. This is especially useful in a camper van where stale air will congregate without proper ventilation.

Our wind driven rotary roof vents are the perfect cost-effective solution to keeping your RV or camper cool over the summer. The importance of good ventilation is shown throughout the year too. When the weather turns colder, you’ll often to be faced with condensation.

Available in both black and white, the vent is easy to attach to your camper or van. Simply cut a 96mm hole in your desired position and fit the vent. You will then receive instant ventilation for your vehicle and notice the immediate difference.

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