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Setting off in the car over the summer will be a great time to spend with your family, enjoy the winding roads and get away from normality - if only for a short time. There are loads of ways to pass the time when you’re driving but the radio is the most popular. Games, chat and music will give you and your family the entertainment they need throughout the journey.

However, there are some vehicles that find it hard to get a constant connection and there are those aerials that have lost their power throughout the years. At In Car Connections we’ve got a vast range of aerials, aerial adapters and extension cables that can help to transform your car’s radio experience from the first minute until the last.

We’ve got plenty of products from leading brands such as Blaupunkt, Connects2 and more which can help to get your favourite radio stations played through your speakers without any hassle. The installation of one of our aerials and aerial adapters will provide your vehicle with the chance to hook up to the radio channels you want, wherever you’re driving to.

Here are some of our favourite aerials, aerial adapters and extension cables which are ready to be delivered to your door:

  • Blaupunkt Autofun FunLine AM/FM in car windscreen aerial antenna: The perfect replacement for your car aerial, the Blaupunkt Autofun FunLine simply sticks to the inside of your windscreen. This amplified aerial means you’ll receive a boost of signal when selecting any AM/FM channels in your car. Easily installed to your vehicle, it’s a sure-fire way of transforming the audio in your car.
  • Adjustable angle in car DAB AM FM aerial Bee Sting Roof Mounted antenna CT27UV71: From the Connects2 range, this adjustable and powerful aerial antenna allows you to receive all the AM/FM and DAB channels possible in your area. Can fit to any type of car and vehicle to offer a boost of signal.
  • Aerial cabling and aerial adapters for your vehicle: On top our vast range of aerial antennas and adapters, we’re also a leading provider of aerial cabling. We’ve got everything to ensure your installation or extension task goes smoothly. You’ll be sure to find a cable that suits your vehicle make and model perfect to hook up your new antenna without any problems.

Choose In Car Connections as your ideal destination for everything aerial adapters, antenna and cables.

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