Honda USB Adapter

The adverts on the radio can become repetitive, stuck in your head and the lack of music can drive you insane. At In Car Connections, we can offer you the latest in car technology with a USB adapter for Honda, BMW and more so you can play your own files.

USB connectivity is intrinsically available on every system that you can buy. Laptops, phones and even TVs are prime for extra connections. Your car, however, will often just have a CD holder but an album will often run out after an hour.  

By applying a USB adapter to your car, you will have the ability to connect your mobile phones and USB flash drives to the system and be able to play music, podcasts and audiobooks while you’re driving. Every time you step in to your car, you can pre-set your playlists to give you a varied bank of music to choose from, without worrying about switching songs and radio stations.  

Our Honda USB adapters can be fitted to the Civic, Accord, Jazz and S2000 cars through their factory-fitted car stereos. The USB adapter can be applied to Honda models with the ‘Honda Alpine factory fitted car radio’.

If you’re considering transforming your car into music-playing haven for those long journeys, get in touch with us to discuss your options.