Aux Adaptor For Car

Whether you’re looking for AUX adaptors for after-market or factory-fitted radios, our range of accessories at In Car Connections are ideal for you. We have a wide selection of aux adaptors for cars of all sorts of makes and models.

Adding an AUX adaptor to your car can instantly connect you to your devices. This means you’ll be able to listen to downloaded music, products and audiobooks during your journey. If you’re bored of listening to radio stations with their endless adverts, you can customise your trip with your favourite music.

To find the AUX adaptor that can be fitted to your car, simply browse the range of car makes to see which one is applicable for your vehicle. This is then easily assembled and ready to use straight away. If you’ve got an after-market radio, we can also provide an AUX adaptor for these. Whether you’ve got a Blaupunkt, JVC or Kenwood radio, we have the input cables to get your car connected to your devices.

The AUX cable is now a must-have accessory in any car with backseat drivers vying for use of the cable to play their music from their seat. We also have a range of these AUX cables and extensions.

To find out how to install these accessories in your car, get in touch with our team.