Three Of Our Most Popular Car Aerials And Adapters

It is an aspect of our car that doesn’t often get a lot of thought. We just assume that our radio will work and provide us with clear reception during every journey we make. However, there is a way not only to provide clarity but to add more options to your audio when you are on the move. We have an exceptional variety of car aerials and adapters which are perfectly placed to help you upgrade the audio in your vehicle in one simple purchase.

At In Car Connections we are passionate about the difference that our car aerial and adapters products can make to your car, and want to help guide you towards the right one for you. To ensure you have all the information that you need, here are three of our most popular car aerials for you and why to choose us to supply them for you:

  1. Shark fin DAB car aerial: This is a popular choice for those searching for a swift and effective solution when replacing their car’s aerial. If you have a DAB radio installed in your car, you will also be able to take advantage of this feature while you are on the move. Our online store has all the additional cables that are required to turn this product into a fully working and neat addition to your vehicle.
  2. Universal Amplified Glass Mount DAB aerial antenna: A simple to mount aerial antenna which can be added to your windscreen with ease. This is a popular choice of car owners who have recently changed or upgraded to a DAB radio or a DAB tuning module.
  3. Blaupunkt Autofun FunLine AM/FM: To ensure that you achieve radio signal on the move without the need for an aerial on your roof, this windscreen aerial will discreetly provide you with the AM and FM signal that you require.

To discover more about our car aerials and which one could be ideal for you, get in contact with us today.