Invest In Our In-Car Bluetooth Adapters

If you are the type of person that turns on the radio as soon as they wake up, switches Spotify on during any train journey and loves to sing in the shower, you will want to ensure that music follows you everywhere. When you’re travelling in your car for a short or long journey we can provide you with the capabilities to secure your favourite tunes streamed straight from your phone.

At In Car Connections we have become a leading provider of in-car Bluetooth adapters that are perfectly positioned to make the most of your time sat in traffic or chugging along the motorway. Our range of in-car Bluetooth adapters are suited to an abundance of vehicles from BMW, Ford, Peugeot, Citroen and many more.

How can I fit a new in-car Bluetooth adapter to my car?

Whether you have a factory fitted or after-market radio system installed in your car, you will be able to replace them with one of our products. We utilise the Connects2 range of Bluetooth adapters which can be connected to your specific model by choosing the right product.

After this you will be able to link up your smartphone to the radio and start playing your favourite tunes, audiobooks and podcasts on the move. It will even automatically hook up when you enter the vehicle to save you time.

To discover more about our in-car Bluetooth adapters at In Car Connections, get in contact with us.