Car Bluetooth Adapter

Trying to locate your AUX cable or missing a call because you’re driving can be a real pain. Using a car Bluetooth adapter, music can be streamed wirelessly and you can take handsfree phone calls without taking your eyes off the road. At In Car Connections, our job is to find the right one for your vehicle with our wide range of accessories.

Settling in to a long car journey and hearing the endless adverts on commercial radio can drive you up the wall, but connecting your Bluetooth adapter before you set off can mean your podcasts, audiobooks and music can be broadcast without the need for wires.

Our range of car Bluetooth adapters at In Car Connections are sold by the car make, as they all have slightly different interfaces with phones. Our website gives you options depending on the model of your car.

To find out whether your model can accommodate a Bluetooth adapter set-up in your car. See our compatibility section for each product and whether your car has a radio compatible with a Bluetooth adapter.

If you’re unsure about how our range of car Bluetooth adapters can be fitted in your car, why not drop us a line via our online contact form.