Why You Need To Invest In Sortimo Van Racking

Organisation in your van is key for almost any trade. Carpenters, plumbers, electricians and window fitters need to know where to find tools and fixtures to complete their job. At In Car Connections, we have a wide range of Sortimo van racking to solve your sorting worries.

The Sortimo range is perfect for all types of van and can be made to accommodate all the compartments and sizes that you need. The pre-built Sortimo van racking range is simple and easy to purchase, deliver and install into your van.

As they’re made of the highest quality and lightweight materials, it’s a great investment for your van. Fully crash tested to ensure safety, the construction offers all the benefits of organisation with no drawbacks of loss of fuel economy.

Sortimo’s pre-built range can be fitted to the near or off side of your van and features several important features for your trade. Drawers for smaller objects, paperwork compartments and standard sorting areas will help to arrange your van for your job.

Our online store also features Sortimo’s Ford and Volkswagen specific van racking that can be fitted to the most popular models of van. Our team here can help you to choose the correct one for your trade and improve your organisation exponentially.

To discover how van racking can help you, contact our team today.