Find The Ideal Car Audio Systems For Your Vehicle

Installing a new car audio system in your vehicle can allow you to link up your mobile devices and gain access to more radio stations than ever before. Our range of audio systems at In Car Connections are perfect to upgrade your car and make those long journeys a little more bearable.

We have a wide selection of car audio systems from Blaupunkt with enough features to ensure you make the most out of your trip. With AUX ports, Bluetooth and CD players included, it’s time to make the all-important choice. Here’s three Blaupunkt car audio systems to consider:

  1. Blaupunkt Toronto 440BT: An upgrade on the popular 420BT system, this has everything housed within its good-looking frame. Direct iPod and iPhone control and the ability to take hands free calls with the integrated Bluetooth.
  2. Blaupunkt Amsterdam 130: This car radio system is perfect for those long trips. A CD player for the traditional method and an AUX port for connection with your devices.
  3. Blaupunkt Brisbane 230: Packed full of all the features you need for your car audio system, the Brisbane is an attractive system. Connect your USB stick to the system to gain access to your mass storage of podcasts, audiobooks and music.

To find out more about our selection of car audio systems and which one you should choose for your car, contact our team today.