Invest In A New Car USB Adaptor

The popularity of Android and Apple smartphones has led to the greater access to music, podcasts, audiobooks and more with the touch of a button. This has meant most handsets come with a USB charger which can be connected in buses, trains and everywhere in between. How about adding a car USB adapter to your car, however?

Our range of car USB adapters at In Car Connections will give you the best possible way to add audio to your journey without having to fiddle with your phone once. Our range of products will allow you to find a style for your specific car. Whether you’ve got an Alfa Romeo, Ford, Peugeot or VW, we’ve got the adapters that you need to suit your model.

What can you do with one of our car USB adapters?

Many of the styles of adapters we have at In Car Connections come with both a USB and SD port. This combination is ideal for playing a range of media without the need for your phone. Simply add a USB memory stick or plug in your SD card to load up the audio. A press of play on your radio will instantly play the music, podcasts or audiobooks that you’ve got on your USB stick.

We have an abundance of adapters for your car. If you’re wondering which one will be best for your needs, get in contact with us to discover more.