Choose From Two Of Our Favourite Car Radios

The standard factory-fitted radio in your car will offer you a basic package. Radio, audio settings and intermittent service. If you’re looking to upgrade your system and invest in a new radio for your vehicle, you’ll want to know what the best one to choose is. At In Car Connections we have a wide selection of in-car radios that will provide you with a host of features.

We stock most of our radios from one of the world’s leading car radio companies, Blaupunkt, and we’re certainly you’ll find one that suits your needs. As the inventor of the car radio, Blaupunkt have always been favoured and trusted by Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi to produce their own factory fitted radios.

We all have personal preferences when we’re sat in the car. Some like to play music loud with the windows down – singing along, of course – while others prefer a peaceful listen to podcasts as they unwind after a long day.

You’ll find something applicable for your exact needs when you choose our service at In Car Connections. Here are two of our favourite and most popular car radios for you to choose from:

  • Blaupunkt Stockholm 370 DAB: It’s rightly up there as one of our most popular car radios because of the features it possesses. The Stockholm can be easily added to your car to provide you with DAB radio (windscreen DAB aerial included) and Bluetooth handsfree capabilities. Use the Blaupunkt Stockholm radio to play your CDs, charge your phone and allow your passengers to choose the tracks with the AUX input.
  • Bosch Calais USB40 multimedia 24v: As opposed to a normal car radio, for a larger vehicle there is a difference in the type of radio that can be installed. If you’ve got a minibus and you want to be able to play whatever tunes you want during your journey, the Bosch Calais can be installed to allow you to utilise the AUX or USB connectivity.

Investing in a car radio has never been easier when you choose from our selection at In Car Connections. If you’re wondering which of the other models we sell at In Car Connections is best for your vehicle, speak to our team today