VW Handsfree Adapter

Using your phone at the wheel is not only a risk for yourself, but other drivers on the road. It’s now easier than ever to install a handsfree kit in your car. At In Car Connections, we can provide you with Ford, Fiat and VW handsfree adapters for your vehicle.

We house a wide range of Bluetooth adapters which will link your phone to the internal system of the car and allow you to take calls and stream audio from your device. The simple device will use the buttons on your steering wheel so you won’t need to take your hands off the wheel.

Playing your own music in your car is a great way to pass the commute to work or the journey on summer holidays. Being able to do so without awkward AUX cables dangling out of your system will assure you of easy access.

As soon as you enter the car, your paired device will be automatically connected to the system. This means that if you’re late for work, you won’t need to fiddle around with the controls to get your music playing.

For Volkswagen, we have Bluetooth adapters that are fit for models later than 2006, as well as before. We can help you find the ideal adapter for your vehicle.

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