Choose From Our Vast Array Of Aux Cables And Adapters

Long and short journeys deserve to be enjoyed by every single passenger in the car. Music, audiobooks, children’s shows and podcasts can be a great way to spend your time in the car, no matter who your passengers are. To give your car a simple and effective addition that will instantly change the ease of external audio playing, choose from our car AUX cables.

Our selection at In Car Connections will allow you to install a car AUX cable for your specific car. Hooking up your smartphone to the car AUX cable will give you the instant access to your car’s stereo system which will play everything your smartphone is already capable of playing out loud.

We have AUX adapters for both factory-fitted radios and after-market radios which we’re sure will befit your car perfectly. While the installation is recommended to be completed by a professional, you can be safe in the knowledge that your in-car AUX cable will work each time. On top of our range of car AUX adapters, we’ve got all the accessories that you need. Whether that’s extending the AUX cable so people in the back can choose the music or upgrading your current car AUX cable, we’ve got it all at In Car Connections.

To find out more about our car AUX cables and how they can improve your car’s audio experience, get in contact with us.