Handsfree Car Adapter

With recent changes to the penalty for using your phone while driving, it’s a better time than ever to invest in a handsfree car adapter. The adapter means you can keep in touch with important business or call home without having to use your hands. At In Car Connections, we have Bluetooth handsfree car adapters to add to your car.

The distraction a phone has on your driving is plain to see. The horror stories don’t bear thinking about and to ensure that your concentration is always on point to adjust to the road ahead, you need both hands.

Your option is to either buy a Bluetooth ready car radio or apply an add-on Bluetooth adapter to your existing car radio. This gives you the best control over your car audio and any calls that you happen to get on your journey.

Our Blaupunkt car radios named Stockholm 230 DAB and Toronto 440BT  are perfect to solve all your audio concerns in your car. They both provide your car with the ability to play music as well as take calls. If you get a call mid-song, then you will be notified through the system.

Our 100% safe and secure payment and delivery makes us the ideal place to purchase your new handsfree Bluetooth car adapter.

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