Three Easy Steps To Installing A Car Bluetooth Adaptor

We invest a lot of time in our cars during the course of the year. Whether it’s the time we’re stuck in traffic, sat drinking coffee at a service station or going to and from work, we all love and hate driving in equal measures for much of that time. One way that you can make sure you have more positive moments than negative ones is by having the freedom to choose your own music.

At In Car Connections we’re on hand to provide you with the perfect product for your specific car that will allow you to hook up your phone to the car’s speakers with ease. Our car Bluetooth adapters are available in a range of styles depending on your model. So, no matter if you’ve got an Audi, Ford, Citroen or Mercedes, you can find a car Bluetooth adapter for your vehicle.

However, you may be wondering how to go from radio tunes to your own personalised playlist inside your car:

  • Find the perfect product: Our online store is designed to make it easy for you to find the right product for your model. Click through to your make and then check out which model type is ideal for your current radio system.
  • Order with free delivery: Add the car Bluetooth adapter to your vehicle and then wait for delivery. Free delivery is included to all UK addresses.
  • Add it to your car: Read the manual and follow the instructions to have it added to your car and ready for use.

Discover more about our ranges of car Bluetooth adapters by getting in contact with us.