Two Pre-Built Van Racking Accessories For Your Vehicle

Organisation is key in any business, and your vehicle is no different. There’s only wasted time in looking under and over mess to find the perfect screwdriver for the job. At In Car Connections, our range of pre-built van racking will help to organise your van immediately.

Sortimo’s selection of pre-built van racking will ensure that after sorting your tools that you have a perfectly fitted variety of racks dependant on your profession. We’ve detailed two Sortimo racks below to help you make your choice:

  • Sortimo pre-built van racking module - T1 Version 2A - Off Side: The storage system works throughout all your journeys, this Sortimo rack is crash tested to ensure absolute safety for you and your passengers. This test guarantees that in the event of a crash that dangerous tools like knives and power tools are held securely. The variety of racks and compartments are ideal for any van.
  • Sortimo pre-built van racking module - T1 Version 2A - Near Side: This high-quality near side van racking is important for carpenters, plumbers, window cleaners and electricians. Featuring a large drawer, adjustable dividers, uprights and mats. They feature everything you need to keep your van organised.

Our wide range of Sortimo van racking doesn’t stop there. We have a wide range of racking to suit any and every size of van. To find out more, get in touch with us today.