Vehicle Handwash Units For Your Van

The ability to have running water on the move could be a vital step in the right direction for your business. To upgrade your van, it will need to have the necessary features to help you excel at your job. Whether you’re a plasterer, builder, contractor, engineer, mechanic or work in food preparation, food delivery or as a food vendor and you use water on a fairly basis, you’re in the right place.

To develop your van and turn it into a space where you can complete everything you need in one go, we have a wide range of van accessories at In Car Connections. To supplement your job, our team can provide you with a vehicle handwash unit that provides a reliable supply of hot and cold water when required.

You are bound to have a number of questions, but our two handwash products below should cover everything you need to know:

  1. Eberspacher MiniWash Mobile hand wash unit for vans: The ideal starter pack if you are looking to invest in handwash unit. This is a small but powerful unit that can offer you hot water when required and won’t drain the battery of your van too much. It’s designed to be a low power, but highly efficient system suited to a vast array of applications.
  2. Eberspacher HandiWash Mobile hand wash unit for vans - hot and cold tap: To make sure that your investment in a vehicle handwash unit provides you with everything that you need, this Eberspacher HandiWash propduct is ideal. It is able to provide hot and cold water on demand and won’t take up a large area of space in your van. This is perfect suited to any contractors that need swift handwashing facilities during the day and can help you to save time wherever you may find yourself.

These two products by Eberspacher are among the best on the market and will provide you with a vast array of benefits for your forward-thinking business. To discover more and to find out why we are chosen at In Car Connections to supply them, get in contact with us today.