Skoda USB Adapter

Making your journey to work, to holiday or on a drive is easy when you’ve got your favourite music, audiobooks or podcasts on in the background. Unfortunately, most cars don’t come with the most convenient connection for all your devices. At In Car Connections, we have a range of Audi, Ford and Skoda USB adapters for your car.

The USB connection allows you to connect a USB stick of up to 4GB and play MP3 tracks from it. Our adapters can be fitted to certain models of Skoda like the Fabia, Octavia, Superb and Roomster and are added to your existing stereo easily.

This is ideal for long drives away from home and keeping up to date with the latest audiobooks after you’ve downloaded them. Simply use the stereo interface you are already accustomed to and play the tracks before you set off.

Our Skoda USB adapters, as well as all our other makes, are easy ‘plug n play’ installations and will link up to the stereo buttons like a normal CD. To discover more about our USB adapters or to see whether your make and model is applicable for them, get in touch with us today.