Find The Perfect In-Car AUX Adapter For Your Car

Whether you’re driving a Ford, Skoda, Volvo or Land Rover, you can benefit from our range of audio accessories. At In Car Connections, we have a selection of in-car AUX adapters that will fit seamlessly to your car’s factory-fitted or after-market radio system.

Not only are our selection of AUX adapters perfect for having on those long summer journeys when the radio reception cuts out, but you can listen to your favourite tunes where ever you are. The in-car AUX adapters that we have at In Car Connections are simple to use, just plug in and play.

Take a look at our Honda AUX adapter (CTVHOX002), Skoda (CTVSKX003) or Volkswagen (CTVVGX004) to find the right adapter for your car. Each model will differ slightly, but we have some almost universal adapters that will fit to each make.

The installation of your new AUX adapter is easy and after you’ve connected it to your radio, you will have an AUX port that is ready to play your favourite songs on demand. The adapter will allow you to use the headphone jack (3.5mm) in your device. Press play on your playlist, podcast or audiobook to have quality audio played from your in-car speakers.

Find out more about our range of in-car AUX adapters by getting in contact with us.