Invest In A New Car AUX Cable

Stepping into your car can mean one of two things. You’re driving somewhere you want to, or you’re driving somewhere you need to be. For each of these occasions you should be able to play the music you want to. At In Car Connections we’ve got a car AUX cable that you can connect to your smartphone and press play straight away.

There are a great range of options when you have a car AUX cable always in your car. This simple addition will ensure that you can enjoy each journey, no matter how short, with your favourite music, audiobooks and podcasts.

A new car AUX cable that will make audio easier than ever

We’ve got both car AUX cables for both factory fitted and after-market radios that are suited to a wide range of makes and models such as Alfa Romeo, Peugeot and Ford. To get started, all you need to do is find your car’s make on our website and select a car AUX adapter that can be fitted to your model. We source our AUX cables and adapters from Connects2, which ensures that you’ll be getting a quality product when you choose In Car Connections.

Whether you’re off on holiday this summer or you’re looking to replace your broken adapter, make sure you choose our online store at In Car Connections.

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