RV Roof Vents

Keeping your RV or camper van as a pleasant place to stay means stopping condensation and ensuring the air flow is consistent. With conventional vehicles like caravans, you may find air vents attached that do the job. However, investing in RV roof vents, like the ones we stock at In Car Connections, can improve the air flow even more.

Whether you’re planning to go away during the Easter holidays in the not-so-distant future, or getting ready to roll off somewhere in the summer, we have all the necessary equipment to get your vehicle prepared.

RV’s (or Recreational Vehicles) are great for combining mobility with amenities and living facilities, yet some older models need upgrading. At In Car Connections, we stock a wide range of roof and floor vents to keep the air supply fresh and clean.

Our selection of roof vents can stale air out of the vehicle efficiently as you move along. Take our rotary roof vent by ‘ICC Vents’, available in both black and white it is an effective addition to your RV, van or camper. It has an internal shutter and is a cost-effective solution to condensation.

To find out more about our range of RV vents and discover which one is most suitable for your vehicle, get in touch with our team.