CTAADBT003 Audi Bluetooth Adapter

Long car journeys either mean you’re going to work, home or holiday. All those moments can be improved with the CTAADBT003 Audi Bluetooth adapter added to your car. At In Car Connections, we can provide this for you as well as having many other makes and models in stock.

Our Bluetooth adapter enables you to easily answer your calls without lifting a finger off the wheel. Every time a call comes through on your phone, you will have the option to answer or reject it by pressing the button on your steering wheel or radio.

Having a Bluetooth-capable adapter also allows you to stream music from your phone or mobile device. Attaching your phone to the Bluetooth, you can manage the music without having to look at your phone. There is also a handy USB charging input to allow you to keep your phone charged.

With the recent change in legislation, it now makes it even more important to manage your calls and music without touching your phone. You can link it up to Spotify and Google Play to play the latest tunes in your car.

This Bluetooth adapter can also link up to non-Bluetooth devices with its 3.5mm jack input. To discover more about the CTAADBT003 Audi Bluetooth adapter, get in touch with us today.