Handsfree Adapter For Car

With the holidays nearing, those long car journeys and traffic jammed roads are bound to return. Make your car journey that little easier by installing a handsfree adapter for your car. At In Car Connections, we can help make it simple to listen to your favourite tunes and take calls.

The car’s full up and the children are bored. What you need is an adapter that will allow you to operate your device without taking your hand off the wheel. With recent regulations, you are punished more severely for using your mobile phone while driving.

Our wide range of adapters can fit most models and make of car. From Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, Toyota, Fiat and more, we aim to have the largest selection for our customers. A handsfree adapter will seamlessly fit where your factory fitted radio is in most cars and allow you to choose the music, podcasts and audiobooks over Bluetooth.

Bluetooth streaming comes as standard with newer cars, and allows you to take calls at the wheel. Installing one of our adapters in your car will ensure you stay safe at the wheel and can take those important “I’m lost” calls on the way to holiday this summer.

To find out whether your car can house one of our adapters, get in contact with our helpful team