In-car adapters Ė which one is best for your vehicle?

When choosing music in your car your passengers can get carried away with the power that comes with being able to change the song. That designated person will either have to connect their device to your car via Bluetooth, USB or AUX. These three methods are trusted across the audio industry, but which one is best for your car?

We are here to help you make your choice with our vast range of in-car adapters at In Car Connections. After the installation of one of our adapters, you’ll be able to stream music, listen to your podcasts and, if you make the right choice, take calls on the move.

Below we’ve made your choice that little bit easier by detailing the pros and cons of each in-car connecting method:

  • AUX: The most popular way of connecting a smartphone or device is the AUX. This commonly-seen wire comes out of the radio system and allows the user to plug in their device using the jack lead. This means that you can instantly play music, podcasts and more from your phone before you set off. A setback for the AUX is that the wire can easily get tangled and disconnect if a gear change contacts your device.
  • USB: In the same field as the AUX adapter but only really used for European car models. The lead is connected to the charging element of your phone or device and allows you to play audio from it. The same problems exist for the USB as the AUX.
  • Bluetooth: The reigning king of in-car accessories. If your car doesn’t come with Bluetooth as standard you can add one of our Bluetooth adapters. This will allow you to effortlessly stream music and more wirelessly. Another positive of the Bluetooth adapter is the ability to take calls without taking your hands off the wheel.

All three of these options could be ideal for your car, but which one will you choose? If you’re still pondering, make sure to contact our professional team at In Car Connections