Why Choose Our Selection Of Sortimo Van Racking

Chances are the back of your van is an organised disaster. There’ll be tools strewn everywhere and useless nuts, bolts, food wrappers and more prohibiting the finding of the things you need. To instantly upgrade your van and the way it looks when you open it, then our range of van racking at In Car Connections will be ideal.

Van racking by Sortimo is trusted across the world as the best and most customisable brand of van racking. The small drawers and compartments are used for many different trades to help people keep their van organised and ensure you can find everything you’re looking for.

Perfect for carpet fitters, builders, mechanics, maintenance workers, gas fitters and window cleaners, our range of Sortimo van racking will leave you with a tidy and secure place to store all your items. Not only will this give you freedom to store more in your van, but keep you safe in case of an accident. This is also helped by the lightweight but rigid construction of all Sortimo van racking which can reduce your fuel costs.

We have a wide selection of pre-built Sortimo van racking which can will befit the near or far side of your van as well as tailoring to your particular needs.

To find out how our Sortimo van racking range can transform your van, get in contact with us.