Transform Your Vehicle With Our Car USB Adaptor

Loading files onto a USB stick or a hard drive is a great way to take your music, documents and more with you wherever you go. And after you’ve installed one of our USB car adapters you will be able to play your audio files during those long journeys and short commutes. At In Car Connections we have become a leading provider and supplier of car USB adapters which will help you make those trips a little more bearable.

To create the best possible atmosphere in your car or vehicle, you can choose from our wide selection of car USB adapters suited to almost any make and model of car. Whether you have a Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Golf, BMW 3 Series or anything in between, we may have the right car USB adapter for you.

A simple addition to transform each journey you make in your car

From our Connects2 range of car USB adapters you will be able to revolutionise the interior of your car. No more listening to four minutes of radio advertisements, no more worrying about those painstaking journeys, you get to control the music with our car USB adapters.

To discover how easy it can be to turn your car into a pleasant area packed full of your favourite tunes, audiobooks and podcasts, ask our team about your car.