Three Reasons To Choose Our In-Car Stereo

Your car doesn’t have to be bound by the three radio stations you can get in your area. The reception reaches its peak in the city centre, but it fades soon after you reach the suburbs. To ensure you have a system capable of coping with your music taste, you need to invest in a new in-car stereo.

At In Car Connections we’re tasked with supplying the UK with the latest car stereos that can be installed to your car. Whilst choosing a new car radio isn’t always a simple task, the end result is an in-car stereo that can give you more benefits than a standard radio. Available for almost any make and model such as Ford, Vauxhall, Toyota, Honda and Peugeot, choose In Car Connections.

Here’s three reasons to invest in one of our in-car stereos:

  • Choose your music: Our in-car radios come with a plethora of options. Bluetooth, USB and AUX adapters can be added to your car with ease. This allows you to quickly sync your device to the car and play your favourite tunes.
  • Merge with radio controls: If your car has steering wheel radio controls then it's possible for our in-car stereos to connect with them to allow you to use buttons that you recognise and are used to.
  • DAB radio: Our in-car stereos will allow you to add DAB radio to your car. Upgrade your ability to listen to radio stations across the UK with the added feature of DAB.

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