Take A Look At Two Of Our Best Car Audio Systems Thatíll Upgrade Your Radio System

For every song on the radio, there’s the chance of an advert. Of course, there are some songs worth listening to but choosing your music is the dream of any individual – that, or selecting from a list of the latest podcasts or your favourite audiobooks. At In Car Connections you can take control of your audio with our range of the leading car audio systems in the UK.

As a company dedicated to making life in your car more enjoyable, we’re ready to help you find the ideal car audio system for your vehicle and your requirements. Some might want USB connections or the AUX option, some may fancy an embedded speaker and some just want a working radio. To help you pick the right one, here’s two of our stand-out car audio systems:

  • Blaupunkt Toronto 440: USB, MP3 and AUX inputs make this car audio system a popular choice, but that’s not its only features. This radio will also support your handsfree phone calls using the Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Blaupunkt Alicante 170: Perfect for any music lover, this Blaupunkt Alicante 170 car audio system will give you the ability to plug in a mass storage device (USB) and play audio from it.

To discover more about our car audio systems, make sure to get in contact with us